Ten Life Reflections from 2020

Stillness at Lake Merritt after a day of reflecting

In my 2019 reflection, I mentioned how 2019 was one of my hardest years personally and professionally.


As you can imagine, the momentum that came out of that reflection sputtered quickly into early 2020, forcing a whole new set of life adjustments. While it was a series of tough times, there are also some fun things retrospectively that happened in 2020:

  • Chatted regularly with a therapist for the first time

As I had done last year, wanted to share some reflections that come to mind from this year:

  1. True work-life balance involves drawing your own boundaries and giving yourself permission to fail at work without it impacting self-worth. One of the largest shifts we saw in COVID was the blurring of boundaries — there was no set time to commute to an office, so you could effectively log on and off at your leisure. Even after weeks of the company insisting we take care of ourselves, I still had trouble peeling myself away from work. Removing emotional attachment to validation was a big part of meeting the company halfway. I wrote more about it here.

Whatever this year brings you in reflection, I hope it’s equally nourishing. Happy New Year and see you in 2021!

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